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Revelations Kingdom of Sand - Book 2: Rain of Fire - PDF Version | Novel

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Revelations Kingdom of Sand - Book 2: Rain of Fire - PDF Version

Book Description: 

Space Pirates and even more WarMechs!

Through the ashes of the deadly battle on his homeworld Destiny, Mikhail Tarvus has a new role thrust upon him. He now has real power at his disposal along with even more people that serve him, but his mind is in tatters from all of the destruction.

While he is processing all the loss he and his crew suffered at the hands of the Inquisitor, a new threat looms in the shadows. Treachery from fellow pirates will force Mikhail to make a choice, go to war, or abandon all that is now his. But he is not a man to just roll over and quit. Mikhail will lead his people forward to even greater glory.

With his new base on Ko’Bac, the hardened pirate plots his next move. However, a creature within the darkness may have other ideas. If Mikhail can win this next battle, then his domain will triple in size. But if he fails, then all will be lost, and he will be dead.

Fans of fast-paced, character-driven Science Fiction will feel right at home in this series.

If you enjoy Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, or Battletech, you'll love Revelations.

Format: PDF

Pages: 275
Author: R. E. Graham