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Revelations: Skirmish 2-Player Acrylic Token and Order Cards Bundle

White Light Media

Sale price $19.99 Regular price $26.95

This bundle was created for those who have purchased our .stls but want the high quality Order Cards and acrylic tokens sets. Included are 2 sets of Order Cards along with 90+ laser engraved acrylic tokens. Additionally, you will receive 8 D10, 8 D6, and 2 flexible measuring tapes. 

Full set of tokens for Revelations: Skirmish

Target-Lock Set 1-4
24 Activation 
3 Point of Interest
2 Bonus
2 Fallen
8 Smoke
2 Aim
1 Initiative
TAC Laser Set 1-4
8 Evade
1 Objective
2 Ready
3 5-Damage
6 3-Damage
12 1-Damage


- Made from acrylic that is laser cut in the U.S.A.