Revelations: Battlefield is in development for its full release

Announcing our next Revelations game, Revelations: Battlefield

Posted by Rick Graham on

Today White Light Media is proud to announce that our second game set in the Revelations universe is coming in 2024. Presenting Revelations: Battlefield, an objective driven fast-paced gaming challenge. We wanted to create a table-top game that was focused on being a faster experience with games finishing in an hour or less. Additionally, we aimed to make the game more approachable for younger players by streamlining stats, attacking, and how units are activated. 

Revelations: Battlefield Logo

The models used in Battlefield are the exact same for our other miniatures game, Revelations: Skirmish. Meaning you can play both games with the same pieces, but where both engines are distinctly different depending on what sort of game you want to play, or have time for.

While Skirmish is more of a simulated battle in the ‘Verse, Battlefield will keep its sights on feeling more gamefied. This allows us as a studio to introduce mechanics that make Battlefield stand out on its own, offering players new challenges. 

Revelations: Skirmish will absolutely continue to receive support which is why it was important for us to keep the games using the exact same models, thus not having to alter scales or invest heavily in creating a robust number of new models. While this can be restrictive in terms of sales for us, we feel it will be more beneficial to players and increase the value of each purchase as it can be used in multiple games. 

Can I see the rules for Revelations: Battlefield before it releases? 
Absolutely! We will be releasing a beta edition of the rules for all players to download prior to the campaign’s launch. We will also provide some stats for units so that if you’d like you can dive right in!

What makes Revelations: Battlefield different?
One thing that will make Battlefield very different from Skirmish is in how terrain is used. Rather than using a true Line of Sight rule we will instead address the game from more of a literal standpoint. For example, when drawing a LoS from a friendly model to an enemy if it crosses over terrain, then both models would receive the benefit of cover (in most instances). This way it removes the discussion of whether or not either model can see the other without interference from the terrain and helps expedite the game. 

Blocking terrain tiles

As shown above, these are a variety of blocking terrain tiles (there will be other types with different heights upon release) that come in different sizes and shapes. 

While Revelations: Battlefield will be able to be played with official 3d terrain, we wanted to ensure that the game would also work in more of a 2d format with use of terrain tiles. My intent is to try and make Battlefield more accessible for more gamers (even for those who are wheelchair bound). Due to a family member having standing challenges recently, it made me realize how different gaming is from the perspective of someone who has to sit for the entire game. I am so used to standing so that I can see the entire table when playing that it never occurred to me how stark of a difference it is when you don’t have that ability. So, in an effort to begin bridging that gap I wanted Battlefield to have that consideration in mind. 

We will be attempting to mix in more of these considerations with Battlefield as we can, and will be looking at that more in the future with additional game projects. 

Measurement tool

A quality of life item we will also be releasing is a measurement tool for 1-4”. This has been specifically designed with FDM printing in mind (but it should print no problem in resin) so that those who have FDM printers can print out all of the terrain tiles, 3d terrain, bases, and this tool with ease.

Why Kickstarter? 
Development for a new game always requires an upfront investment from the developer to be able to bring it to the table. Kickstarter allows us to get an early rush of money to help us reinvest in a slew of new projects and minis. We have been investing in new tools, programs, and more to help continue to improve our products to feel comparable to our competitors despite being a much smaller studio. 

What will be included in the Kickstarter? 
Since our Skirmish players will already have at least some of our models, we feel that Battlefield presents us with an opportunity to offer the current catalog to new players, but to also dive into an entirely new endeavor…battle damaged models. 

Work in progress
Work in progress image


Full details will be shared later, but we always want to provide value to our players with any of our projects. And this Kickstarter will be no different. We will be applying battle damage to a number of our catalog. These models will be compatible with their “factory new” alternative and will allow players to mix some damaged parts with “new” to create even more combinations for their forces. The battle-damaged variants can be used with their respective parent faction, or they can be used for mercenaries and pirate forces. This has been something that players have been asking us for, and we feel now is the time to undertake it. 

Aren’t you already fulfilling another Kickstarter? 
Yes. We have our previous Kickstarter which was focused on bringing Karldra (and also Space Pirates) to the table. When the campaign was done we had to create 15 entirely new models (not counting variants). By the time the next Kickstarter arrives we will have only 3 models left to create, and have pirates entirely released, along with one of the stretch goal mechs. We will have most of the Karldra forces ready to go, and we are in the process of having the WarMechs finished.

We are going to be showcasing pirate models beginning with the Buccaneer. Pirates took the base platform of the Spade and modified it extensively. Swapping out the hands for claws, mounting four Vega lance beams to the machine, and trading out the micromissiles with 30 HMGs! 


The legs for the Buccaneer are still standard Spade compatible giving players an additional pose for the Spade legs. 

Why not wait until the last Kickstarter is entirely finished?
We feel that as we have already made massive progress and that the other parts are in the process of being fulfilled that it isn’t a problem to add on another project. Additionally, the development of Battlefield won’t delay the fulfillment of the previous campaign. 

What’s next?
With about 5ish weeks until the next Kickstarter launches, we are going to be teasing, revealing, and showcasing a bunch of stuff we’ve been working on. Including footage of showing how to play Revelations: Battlefield. Stay tuned!