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Faust Union Lore

Brief overview of Faust Union

“Flesh and metal can be replaced but territory cannot. Make every millimeter more costly than our enemy can bear.”


Juggernaut painted in Sturmhammers parade colors


Life within the Faust Union’s realm can be harsh but it also is dedicated to something bigger than any single person. All citizens work toward the freedom granted to them by the fatherland, and at any point one could become conscripted to defend their homeworld. The Faust domain is stretched wide and is bordered by many other nations which places the importance of maintaining the conscripted forces of the Krasnee Molot as a top priority. Their forces are kept together with patched work and a prayer. But, they fight valiantly despite standing against harsh odds from invaders.

In polar opposite form of the Krasnee Molot stands the Sturmhammers. They are made up of the elite warriors in the Faust militaries and they are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, weaponry, tech, and more. Typically they will paint their machines of war very vibrantly (such as red) as they want their enemies to know who it is that they face. Employing the use of fear to their advantage is a matter of significance to the Sturmhammers.


Faust Union logo

Faust Union Logo


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Faust Union playstyle in Revelations: Skirmish
The Faust Union’s playstyle reflects the two branches of their military might, the Krasnee Molot being lighter and more numerous, and the Sturmhammers which are hardier but more expensive to field. To better represent the aspects of both branches have been given keywords. The Sturmhammer forces operate better on their own except when fielded in a force made up entirely of fellow Sturmhammers. Meanwhile, the Krasnee Molot units become encouraged and more of a force to be reckoned with when they are surrounded by other Krasnee.

Right now the Faust Union is just beginning to be rolled out as a playable faction so they do not have as robust of a roster of units to choose from for players. Throughout 2023-2024 we are going to be continuing to add more forces for Faust players to field.


D70 Tank
A D70 tank painted in Krasnee Molot parade colors


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