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Revelations: Skirmish Gallery

Below you will find a variety of different paint schemes for Revelations: Skirmish. You are not required to paint your forces to match these schemes. Instead this should be used as a guide or reference. It is well practiced within the 'verse that forces may at times be painted in their parade scheme or in appropriate camo. Additionally, we have not even come remotely close to showcase all of the various schemes used by the nation specific military forces.

Corre Republic: 
Sierra WarMech

Corre Republic Sierra 

Union of Stars: 

Union of Stars Goblin


Haven Tiras

Faust Union:

Sturmhammers Juggernaut

Krasnee Molot Anya


Obso's Castaways Musketeer

Blood Wolves Goblin BX2

Blood Wolves Goblin BX2