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Generic Mercenaries

Brief overview of Mercenaries

"Money isn't everything, but it makes life worth living."

A Sentry being repaired - art by D.C. Bruins

A Sentry being repaired - art by D.C. Bruins


The life of a mercenary isn’t always glamorous nor exciting. A lot is left up to luck and happenstance for what sort of client one finds offering work, and that they are able to survive the mission. However, no line of work is easily as lucrative as the life of a gun-for-hire. 

There are plenty of stories of individuals who built a mercenary organization from the ground up like in the case of the Blood Wolves. Then again, there are tens of thousands more of men and women who tried to brave the crashing waves of being a merc to be smashed against the rocks, losing everything in the process. Those brave enough may find vast riches to be grasped, but they must also keep their eyes open that this could be the path that leads to their utter destruction. 

Mercenaries logo

Mercenaries Logo


You can learn more about the Mercenaries and Revelations lore by downloading our primer here:


Sierra H3-Vs

Sierra H3-Vs for Blood Wolves


Mercenary playstyle in Revelations: Skirmish
It is impossible to categorize the playstyle of mercenaries as there is a wide berth of possibilities. Generally the more difficult element to keep in mind for a mercenary player is that merc forces generally cost more than they do when deployed by one of the other factions.


New Player Guidance
When building your force for a mission you will want to really drill down on what you need to do to accomplish victory in the coming battle. It is probably a good idea to only try to field one or two larger point units and then round out the company with smaller ones. The best part of being a mercenary player is that you basically have the entire Revelations: Skirmish catalog to choose your forces from!