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Announcing our next Revelations game, Revelations: Battlefield

Posted by Rick Graham on

Today White Light Media is proud to announce that our second game set in the Revelations universe is coming in 2024. Presenting Revelations: Battlefield, an objective driven fast-paced gaming challenge. We wanted to create a table-top game that was focused on being a faster experience with games finishing in an hour or less. Additionally, we aimed to make the game more approachable for younger players by streamlining stats, attacking, and how units are activated.  The models used in Battlefield are the exact same for our other miniatures game, Revelations: Skirmish. Meaning you can play both games with the same pieces,...

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The Store Is Under Construction

Posted by Richard Graham on

First, thank you for checking out our web store for Revelations. After two attempts at launching a Kickstarter campaign (the last one failed due to Coronavirus), we have elected to push forward and to take direct pre-orders. All of the orders placed by May 1st will be mailed out during the first week of June.    In addition, we have set up our products matching the prices we had set on Kickstarter. We are not exactly sure when the prices will go to the retail amount, but it will likely take place during the month of May.    Lastly, there...

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