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About Us and FAQ

Thanks for taking the time to check out our store and dig around.


Who/ what is White Light Media (WLM)?

WLM was launched by Rick Graham (the creator of Revelations and Revelations: Skirmish) and began by publishing a handful of novels set in the ‘Verse some years ago. In 2019 the journey to craft Revelations: Skirmish began and now we have multiple factions all with their own flare and fun. One of our missions is to entertain gamers around the world by making our miniatures and more accessible to players through digital means. We continue to strive to improve our .stls, make the rules available for free, and provide all stats to Revelations: Skirmish without it being hidden behind a paywall. We believe that players should be able to firmly experience a game without having to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get started playing.


How long has Revelations: Skirmish been around? 

After a successful pre-order launch, we released Revelations: Skirmish in July 2020. We have so much planned for cycles to come. From new playable factions, loads more models, game supplements, campaign guides, primers, lore, novels, and more. 


How is Revelations: Skirmish different from other big name miniature games?

As experienced wargamers ourselves, we have many hundreds of hours logged rolling dice and blowing up enemy miniatures. Revelations: Skirmish is different in that we have approached the entire process between publisher and player in a brave new way. We have embraced 3d printing technology and utilize its strengths as much as we can. Additionally, we have provided all stats and our core rules available to everyone for free. 


Where do your artists come from?

We have worked with artists and modelers from all over the planet. Australia, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, U.S., United Kingdom, and more. Being a small game studio means that you have to learn how to be flexible when you work and you can’t be picky about where an artist lives. But by hiring from outside of the U.S. creative spheres it has allowed us to bring in fresh artistic visions that have aided in crafting Revelations models in exciting ways.


I would love to play Revelations: Skirmish…but I don’t have anyone to play with.

Look, we get it. It’s tough to get into a miniatures game when you have nobody to play with you, even if you are super excited about it. But…we can’t reach more people without help. We will continue to make new models, write more novels, and expand Revelations into the future, but we need assistance in spreading the word. Even if you don’t have someone to play with right now, join our community and participate in the conversations. Maybe soon you’ll find someone in your area and you can get to some friendly battling! In the meantime, you can check out Revelations lore and novels here:


I don’t have my own 3d printer, can I ask a friend to print for me?

While we would honestly prefer that each player either buy printed models from us or print them themselves, we understand that isn’t always a possibility. We would rather you grow your group than slam the hammer down and say “NO!” That said, we are in the wild west when dealing with 3d printing. There aren’t any hard and fast rules just yet. We want to continue for many cycles into the future, but we need support from our community to not carelessly share our files around. Grow your group, print your models how you need to, but just please try to respect our community and not share files with people all over the place.


Can I sell prints of Revelations: Skirmish models? 

At this time we are looking into allowing miniature painters to add Revelations: Skirmish into their catalog of possibilities (if this is you, please contact us at However, we do not currently have any plans for anyone else to print and sell our models, even at cost. We encourage players to print models for themselves, but we want to make sure that we oversee all other printing to ensure that the Revelations: Skirmish brand is on a satisfactory level. We reserve the right to change this in the future, but for now our official stance is that we ask all players to refrain from distributing our .stl files, or models printed from said files, to anyone else except if you are doing custom painted work. 


Can I create my own models to use in Revelations: Skirmish?

Absolutely! (non-officially of course). If you go to, create an account, then go to “My Profile” you can create your own custom units.