Revelations: Battlefield is in development for its full release

Introduction to Revelations: Skirmish

If this is your first time visiting our site or if you have just discovered Revelations for the first time, welcome to the Revelations ‘Verse.

You are probably wondering, what is Revelations?
Revelations is a scifi universe created by Rick Graham that has set out to tell interesting and exciting stories in a way that is more mature than many other modern IPs.

Blood Wolves vs UoS

Expanding out from the planet Prime over a millenia ago, many worlds and systems were colonized and brought under human control. While all known planets once belonged to a unified government, the Corre Republic, that is no longer the case. Now there are scattered nations that rebelled and formed their own resistance to the often-viewed tyranny they once served. However, the Republic intends to bring all worlds back under their rule so that a new golden age can be brought about.

Revelations is a universe that delves deep into the lives of its heroes and villains, often showing that perspective can sometimes make all the difference between who we view as good and those we perceive as evil. Its stories show how the common individual is affected by the powerful people at the top levels of society and by what lies in the shadows. Instead of shying away from serious topics, Revelations dives in headfirst.

While some stories involve armed conflict, there are thousands more taking place behind closed doors. Secretive allegiances, backroom deals, and hidden agendas are in vast abundance. Battles are fierce, and there is little plot armor to save the “heroes.”

Welcome to Revelations…

If you would like to learn more about the lore of Revelations we have put together a free Universe Primer to help get you up to speed and give you an overview of the ‘Verse and all the major factions within. You can check that out here:

Revelations: Skirmish gameplay

What is Revelations: Skirmish like? 
Revelations: Skirmish is a fast-paced reactive turn based combined-arms game that was designed with objective gameplay in mind. While you can absolutely play Kill 'Em All and blast your opponent's forces into oblivion, we wanted to ensure that our game mainly focused on developing an engine that would work well for games focused on player's achieving a particular objective to win. 

We currently have 3 different game modes that offer our players different levels of complexity or shortening the needed game time. 

  • Scout - smallest game mode
  • Standard - Company on company battle
  • Heavy Metal - Highest points so players can field the biggest and baddest force of WarMechs

Games are generally played on a 3'x3' map, but can officially go up to 6'x3'. We wanted a game that kept the models closer together to both encourage explosive action but to also reduce the footprint of the game needed so it was more accessible for players gaming at home. 

All of our models are available from our shop as 3d printed resin models (with some flexible resin mixed in to increase durability) or as .stls so you can print from home. 

Is Revelations: Skirmish a mech game?
While WarMechs are the eye-candy of our imagery, we purposefully designed Revelations: Skirmish to be a combined-arms game from the very ground level up to the top. We have taken great efforts to maintain the lethality of our infantry and vehicles in comparison to WarMechs. This is both in terms of firepower, but also that even infantry are armed with weaponry that can damage the hull of a WarMech. 

If you would like to dive into the rules for Revelations: Skirmish you can find a copy of the free rules here:

Additionally, if you want to get involved in our online communities you can check out our Facebook group or our Discord server.

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