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Union of Stars Lore

Brief overview of the Union of Stars

"Come back safe or make your death meaningful."

Sentry being overwhelmed by Union of Stars forces
A Corre Republic Sentry being overwhelmed by Union of Stars forces

The Union of Stars was one of the first nations to be formed out of the chaos of the war against the Synthetics so many generations ago. Despite enduring a number of campaigns to squash their fledgling efforts, the Union has remained. Now they have become a super power unto themselves with advanced military tech that can rival that of the Corre Republic’s.

The military philosophy of the UoS is that all life is precious. They do not want to enter into an armed conflict with outsiders, but they will fight to defend their people. To help bring their soldiers back safely the Union typically employs the use of strong armor, backup systems, protective gear for their infantry, and more. As an added perk, many Union warriors elect to stay in the service for many cycles. This has enabled the UoS military to build a force of veterans that are capable of great judgment on the battlefield with a very low amount of war crimes committed. The same cannot be said for all other nations.

Union of Stars logo
Union of Stars logo

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Union of Stars on Benson
Union of Stars forces on Benson

Union of Star's playstyle in Revelations: Skirmish
The Union military tends to desire hardy units and they try to make sure all of their people come home at the end of the mission. They have some of the largest WarMechs in the ‘Verse and they are equally dangerous to their foes.


Pike of Union of Stars forces
A pike of UoS forces stationed on Benson


New player guidance
UoS lists can generally go one of two ways: strong WarMechs with lighter units or a balanced list that works between heavier vehicles and Goblins. It is really up to you which type of list you would like to aim for, but both can be deadly. 

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