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.stl Product Gallery

We created this page to help our players have an easy all in one place to see the .stl renders of our products. This page is organized alphabetically but it does indicate which parent faction the model belongs to. 

AMPC - Union of Stars

Anya (Crouched) - Faust Union

Anya (Walking) - Faust Union

Arbalest - Corre Republic

Arbalest C2 - Corre Republic

Archer - Corre Republic

Archer FB - Corre Republic

Aries - Union of Stars

Banzer - Faust Union

Bernard MBT - ORCA (Haven)

Briggin - Union of Stars

Briggin 3X - Union of Stars

Briggin D2 - Union of Stars


Buccaneer - Pirate

Centurion - Corre Republic


Chariot - Corre Republic


Conscripts - Faust Union


Corre Republic Drones - Corre Republic and ORCA


Cozen (Standard) - ORCA (Haven)


Cozen Harasser - ORCA (Haven)


Cozen Recon - ORCA (Haven)


Cozen Striker - ORCA (Haven)


D70 - Faust Union


Deimos - Pirate


Dozer - Mercenary (Obso's Castaways)


Ember - Mercenary (Obso's Castaways)


Enforcer - Corre Republic


Faust Union Drones - Faust Union 


Fusiliers - ORCA (Haven)


Goblin - Union of Stars


Goblin B9 - Union of Stars


Goblin BX2 - Union of Stars


Goblin CC4 - Union of Stars


Goblin Hero - Union of Stars


Gremlin - Union of Stars


Hunter (Savage) - Corre Republic


Hunter (Vigilant) - Corre Republic


Hunter 1H - Corre Republic


Hunter 2H - Corre Republic


Juggernaut (Shooting) - Faust Union


Juggernaut (Standing) - Faust Union


Len - Mercenary (Obso's Castaways)


Marines - Corre Republic


Mars MBT - Corre Republic


Mars HA - Corre Republic


Mars Mk III - Corre Republic


Musketeer (Braced) - ORCA (Haven)


Musketeer (Walking) - ORCA (Haven)


Neuvich - Pirate


Nixen - Faust Union


Phobos - Pirate


Pirate Drones - Pirate


Raiders - Pirate


Renatus - ORCA (Haven)


Riflemen - Union of Stars


Sierra - Corre Republic


Sierra 2B - Mercenary 


Sierra E2 - Corre Republic


Sierra H3V - Corre Republic


Sierra Hero - Corre Republic


Schlide - Faust Union


Sentry - Corre Republic


Sentry R6 - Corre Republic


Sentry SB2 - Corre Republic


Serpent - Corre Republic


Spade - Corre Republic


Spade 2S - Mercenary 


Spade E - Corre Republic


Spade Hero - Corre Republic


Sparrow - Pirate


SPT and SPT-CO - ORCA (Haven)


SPT-L and SPT-C - ORCA (Haven)


SPT-T and SPT-M - ORCA (Haven)


T5 Orion - Union of Stars


Tiras (Braced) - ORCA (Haven)


Tiras (Walking) - ORCA (Haven)


Union of Stars Drones - Union of Stars


Vega - ORCA (Haven)


Vega BaS - ORCA (Haven)


Zealot - Mercenary (Obso's Castaways)


Zevur - ORCA (Haven)