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Corre Republic Lore

Brief overview of the Corre Republic

"For the greatest good!"

Spade WarMech

A triumphant Spade WarMech - art by Asplenia Studios


Generations ago all colonized worlds were under the banner of the Corre Republic. Due to the hubris of the Republic’s leadership, a unimaginably powerful artificial intelligence was created, known as the Collector. Later, the Collector waged a war of annihilation against humanity where it forced its creators to become synthetics, or they would be destroyed. The war against the Synthetics raged across dozens of systems, leaving trillions of humans dead in its wake. Once the humans won the war, worlds on the edges of the Republic grew bitter at how they were treated. World after world broke off and formed new nations. Some were repatriated, while others have stood the test of time and continue to resist the Republic’s reunification efforts.

The military might of the Corre Republic’s armed forces is vast. Spanning across the border worlds sits the most powerful military seen in hundreds of cycles. There is an abundance of Republic top brass rattling their swords for conquest. Chaos abounds outside the walls of the Republic, order must be restored. All that is required is a single spark that could ignite wars across the ‘verse.

Corre Republic Logo

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Corre Republic's playstyle in Revelations: Skirmish
Compared to the other factions in Revelations: Skirmish, the Corre Republic plays more middle of the road. They have some models that are higher damage output, generally decent speed, as well as durable health pools. 

Depending upon points for the mission, the Corre Republic forces can easily fit in a variety of units without feeling too overly burdened by the point limitations, unless you try to field multiple heroes and heavier WarMechs.


Corre Republic Senrty R6 WarMech

 Sentry R6


New Player Guidance
Corre Republic players generally have the easiest time building a balanced combined-arms company with 4 WarMechs, 4 vehicles, and 4 infantry for combat units. This may not always be the best for your mission objectives, but a company like this gives the player a decent ability to react to a multitude of games.


Mars Mk III for Corre Republic

Mars Mk III


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