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This page contains a list of common questions and thoughts about Revelations and Revelations: Skirmish. They are not in any particular order.

Why is Revelations: Skirmish’s scale set around 12mm?
While our scale is not common in the gaming community, we made the decision to aim for 12mm due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, this gave us room for the models to be very close to true scale to one another. The infantry are small, but not so small that they are just little blobs, and the WarMechs can feel more imposing on the battlefield as opposed to 6 or 10mm.

Our other big goal was to have enough table space for an entire company (12 combat units) versus another company. The larger scale you go, the more space you need. Additionally, we are able to keep prices significantly lower than if we were to go even larger, such as with 15mm. 

Why don't drones have offensive weapons?
In-universe, just about every nation has agreed to not allow any remote controlled or AI program to be able to harm a human being. We have reflected this in Revelations: Skirmish by limiting the attachments to defensive or passive abilities. 

Mechs are dumb and don’t make any sense in any scifi universe…
That's like, just your opinion man - The Nukemblog

Why am I limited to 12 combat units and 6 drones in the standard game? 
While we do not have a tournament scene at the moment, we want to one day see Revelations: Skirmish grow to have official competitions. We feel it is easier to put elements in place to prevent abusing rules now, than it is try and make hard shifts down the road. If we simply allowed players to build their list with however many units they wanted as long as they had points you could be battling literal hundreds of infantry models. This will likely not be fun for anybody so we placed a cap to encourage a healthier gaming space. 

Can I mix forces from different factions when playing?
When building your forces/ list for Revelations: Skirmish you must stay within whatever primary faction you are going to be playing as. The only faction that has access to just about the entire catalog of models within the game are mercenaries.

Playable Primary Factions:

  • Corre Republic
  • Union of Stars
  • ORCA
  • Mercenaries
  • Faust Union
  • Karldra (coming in 2024)
  • Space pirates (coming in 2024)

Some primary factions also have sub-factions. You are permitted to go back and forth between your faction’s sub-factions to build your list, but some sub-factions grant in-game bonuses if your force is entirely made up of certain units. Refer to for more detailed information on each unit’s stats. 

Why are mercenary forces so expensive in-game? 
It was very important to us that mercenaries were given a wide catalog to draw from for their forces to simulate mercs obtaining their units from all over the ‘Verse. However, we also did not want mercenaries to feel overpowered or broken by players using the other factions. We decided that a point “tax” was the best way to allow mercenaries to have access to other nations forces but not feel like min-maxing was a favorable path for naughty merc players to exploit. 

Can I use more than 1 of the same Order Card in my hand? 
No. Each applicable card can only be in your Order Hand once per game. 

Do I have to paint my models the same as they are in the promotional images, primers, or other material released by WLM? 
Not at all. You have total freedom to paint your models however you would like. We provide sample images to increase the visual appeal in our promotional content, but to also demonstrate the parade colors of some of the nations/ military formations in Revelations. There is nothing saying you can’t have your Republic forces in some ice frost scheme with flaming bunnies on it.