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Obso's Castaways

Overview of Obso's Castaways

"It don't quite matter what the job is as long as you can pay."


Obso's Castaways Logo

Obso’s Castaways is a recently formed mercenary organization. When Yevhen Obso founded the Castaways he was the lone pilot who operated an old Musketeer, accurately nicknamed Old Reliable. He would take contracts that were unwanted or passed over by most other mercenaries in hopes that he would be able to negotiate for additional elements such as salvage. He had successfully hired Daveed Tish, who is a quirky but wildly effective mechanic, early on which allowed the Castaways to fix up numerous machines that should have been sent to the scrapheap. This enabled the small mercenary group to expand on a shoestring budget, which was perfect as Obso prefers to keep expenses extremely low. In keeping in line with his long-term financial aspirations, Yevhen aims to solidify his forces to company strength and maximize the returns in the contracts they choose. This allows him to make high profits without needing to orchestrate significantly larger numbers of personnel, equipment, and transportation for the Castaways.

Most of the mercenary organizations look to hire those with stellar accounts with either the Republic’s Mercenary Observatory Board or the Mercenary Monitoring and Review Committee on Callidar. Instead, Yevhen searches for those who have a clear demonstration of skill but have experienced major upheavals in their career. It doesn’t matter to him if one is a drunkard or is known for their run-ins with the law. His concern first, second, and third is if you can make him money. With the current affairs in the ‘verse there is a lot of big paydays to be had for a mercenary. And Yevhen wants to grab as much as he can as fast as he can. Typically a merc, even if they don’t own their own equipment such as a WarMech, would command a hefty price to be employed. The more skills they have the more they can demand. However, when hiring those cast out by mercenary society means you can haggle for a far lesser pay level. Most gun-for-hires would never dream of working for such a man. But for those who have been forgotten or shunned it may very well be their only change to once again live as a merc for a legitimate organization and maybe eventually be able to fix their record.

The Castaways have been described as unprofessional, uncivilized, and even gross. Despite obvious odds, they have already accomplished several incredible feats including stopping a pirate lord on Bellator, successfully protecting a leader on Desparity from assassins, and even completed a contract for garrison duty within the Corre Republic. It had seemed that the Castaways were on the course for continued success until a recent contract resulted in heavy losses in their crew due to a decision from the company’s owner. Most of those that survived chose to abandon the organization on Callidar essentially leaving just Yevhen, General Dalvis, and Tish. While Daveed began the arduous task of repairing what could be salvaged from the previous mission, Obso ventured out to assemble a new crew of worthy contenders and get back to making money.

Old Reliable

Old Reliable

Obso’s Castaways playstyle in Revelations: Skirmish

As with all mercenary sub-factions, the Castaways have their own catalog of models but also retain access to all generic mercenaries. Unlike all others, though, the Castaways will only have access to uniquely named forces to coincide with their desire to field a full company of units. Likewise, each of their units have a variety of keywords to play off of the operator and their abilities.

New Player Guidance
Considering their bend toward keywords it is a good idea to thoroughly read their stat profiles over so that you can discover how to best utilize their keywords to your benefit. They may require a few games of experimenting for your to harness their true potential and understand how to employ them on the battlefield.