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.stl price increase coming March 1st

Posted by Rick Graham on


Hey everyone,
I wanted to give one last notice to any who have been sitting on the fence about purchasing some of our .stls. For months now we have had all of our .stls sitting at $5 each. Effective March 1st all .stls will be seeing a price increase. 

You may be wondering, why the increase? 
Well...we can dance around things or we can be blunt. Quite frankly, we want to be able to expand Revelations: Skirmish in new ways this year. This is through new artwork, models, variants, improvements to, as well as invest money to develop Revelations: Warfleet. Additionally, we need to grow our team from a bunch of freelancers to at least 2-3 solidly part-time to full-time staff. This of course all costs money. Our primary goal is to be able to offer more goodies for our community and unfortunately sometimes price increases are necessary. 

The current .stls are already made, why not just keep the price the same on those the same? 
When we first released the .stls they were just the unsupported version. Now that we are going systematically back through our entire catalog we are updating the files as needed as well as pre-supporting them. This all costs investment from our main pot of funds. So it isn't as though they have been untouched since they were released. 

How much will the increase be? I don't get paid until next week!
We don't want to announce that at this time as we are still deliberating the final final final total. Rest assured it isn't going to quadruple or anything like that. But, there will be an increase and we felt that it was much better to offer the community an opportunity to buy what they wanted before the 1st as we would want to be respected as supporters. 

Thank you to all of your continued support. We have big plans for Revelations as a whole and know that we couldn't do it without our community helping to spread the word, play the game, and back us. 




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