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The Faust Union cometh!

Posted by Rick Graham on

I know there has been a slight delay on any mention of the Faust Union. Well, let's dive into that!

Today I will be showcasing a few behind-the-scenes images and details, and also highlight a new fully finished Faust model to whet your appetite.

Firstly, let’s discuss where things are.

The Faust Union nearly has all of the wave 1 models finished. They will launch with the following models:

Conscript – Infantry
Drone - …uh Drone
D70 – Tank
Banzer – Tank
Schlide – Tank
Anya – WarMech
Juggernaut – WarMech



Let’s dive into the conscripts and how we are addressing them. One of the areas we have known that we needed to improve is with our infantry. In an earlier blog post I discussed our plans for how we would improve upon our current models and that going forward we would approach them differently.

The Conscript here has been handled from the ground up with keeping it’s focus on being as printer friendly as much as possible without sacrificing its appearance. I personally think we have knocked it out of the park on this one and think that all Faust players will be so thrilled to see how this model is just amazing in person.

Conscript soldiers

I have already begun print testing and am just so friggin’ excited for how they have turned out. They look great in real-life, and they feel sturdy.



I have recently begun painting up some Krasnee Molot forces in between my efforts with my 7th Queen’s Fury forces for Haven. This is the first one that I have finished so far, but I am thrilled with how it turned out.

D70 Faust Union tank

I have some more Krasnee forces in the works, but soon we will be able to showcase the stats for Faust forces.


What models need to be finished before release?

At this point we have all but the drone and the conscripts finished. Our modelers have submitted things on their end and now we are just waiting on me (Rick) to place the supports, test them out, and get everything locked in. As mentioned earlier the conscripts are well underway to being wrapped up, and I am aiming to do supports and testing on the drone this weekend.


When will stats start being available?

My desire is that somewhere around the middle of March you will begin to see a lot of stats available for the Faust Union. I have already made some big decisions on how the Krasnee Molot and Sturmhammer forces will differ between one another, and I think many of our players will be thrilled to see it too.

And now for the really big question…


When will the Faust Union be released?

April 3rd. That is a firm release. You can mark it on your calendar.


Will you have any pre-orders available?

Yes! This will be the first time that we will come with a faction with their own faction kit at launch and we simultaneously want to offer a pre-order bonus. Details for that will be coming out next week…

- Rick


  • Well now I have something very exciting to look forward to in April! Especially can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on the Horned Titan.

    JAM on

  • Yes! It is marked in my calendar, my printer is ready ^^

    Maggiweber on

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