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The Faust Union HAS Cometh!!

Posted by Rick Graham on

Faust Union catalog

The Faust Union has finally arrived in all of its Republic defiant glory. Now players can field the resilient Krasnee Molot as they defend their worlds from invaders or as the hardened elite Sturmhammers who are called upon to protect the fatherland.

Besides all of the new models that are available on (insert link to Faust collection), you can choose from 2 new Faust heroes, Kapitan Yakiv Savchenko or Kapitan Craus Reznikov. Both improve the forces around them and are devastating in their WarMechs. 

Mercenary players can also choose from the new catalog of Faust Union units to bolster their forces even further.

New forces for mercs:
Anya - WarMech
Juggernaut - WarMech
Banzer - Vehicle
Schlide - Vehicle
D70 - Vehicle
Conscripts - Infantry
Faust Union Drone

If you haven't checked out the Faust Union before, you can learn some lore here:

Additionally, Revelations: Skirmish now has some new keywords such as Unreliable, Hull Breach, and more that will transform the game in new and exciting ways.

Good luck out there commander, you’re going to need it.


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