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The Sierra is here!!

Posted by Rick Graham on

Our very first model ever for Revelations was the Sierra. It received an update that revised just about everything about it from the original model. You can now purchase the Sierra, E2, H3V, Hero, 2B, and Renatus as pre-supported .stls or pre-printed models.

We meticulously spent hours and hours of time to refine one of our most iconic WarMechs to improve model details, size, feel, articulation, assembly points, and so much more. Without a doubt, this project has taught us how to make our WarMechs even better than before and I firmly believe you will love this new look. 

New Sierra Mk II beside the original

Above you can see a glimpse of just how much was needed to be changed. We did a top to bottom overhaul to bring you a revolutionary (from our perspective) model that will forever change our approach as a studio to modeling. 


What happens to my old Sierra?
Just as when we updated the Briggin, Aries, and Hunter (which will also be releasing in July) you can still play with the old models. They are still game “legal” but all of our imagery and such will morph to include the new and improved version. 

I had considered keeping the older model available while also saying that this Sierra is the next generation and giving it its own stat profile. But, I figured that new players will not see the mark 1 Sierra for what it is and will judge it with more critique as the gap between the mark 1 and mark 2 will be so apparent. As much as I will always have a special place in my heart for the original Sierra, it is time to retire her and make room for an update that will hopefully continue to demonstrate that we are a studio looking to improve our products and enhance the player’s experience.

We also prioritized getting all of the previous loadouts updated, tested, and to have them ready for a wide release instead of doing a few here and there. That way the moment the Sierra goes live in July you will be able to jump right in to having the E2, H3V, 2B, Renatus, Hero, and all the rest! 


Showcase of all the new Sierra/ Renatus goodness!


Sierra Mk II

Sierra E2

Sierra E2

Sierra H3V

Sierra H3V

Sierra Hero

Sierra Hero


Renatus - For ORCA

Sierra 2B

Sierra 2B - For mercenaries

All of the digital and physical listings have been updated and you can add the new Sierras to your forces!

One point for the old .stls
With the nature of .stls and 3d printing we know that there is a high likelihood that the original Sierra files will continue to float around on the internet. However, we do want to state plainly and directly that we are not endorsing any sharing of these retired files nor are encouraging anyone to print them. They unfortunately do have flaws that we have fixed and don't believe them to be up to our current standards. 

We have learned a great deal in the years since we began this venture, and unfortunately we (me...Rick) didn't know enough of how to verify the quality of models we were commissioning. That is no longer the case and we have a series of safeguards in place to make sure all new products (which actually was majorly updated back in 2022) are set at the best standard. 

I look forward to seeing all of the new Sierras and Renatus out there and how you all decide to paint them!














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