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The Tiras is here!

Posted by Rick Graham on

Hot off the assembly line is the latest and greatest in Haven’s arsenal of WarMechs, the Tiras (tee-raw-ss) Assault WarMech dropping in to fight on the frontlines. Designed to go toe-to-toe with the Corre Republic's Sierra platform, this bad boy is armed to the teeth and ready to bring the hurt.

Tiras WarMech Braced Pose

Armed with two linked Yugo Burst cannons, it is prepared to run and gun, laying down the pain on enemy WarMechs. When in a tight spot, it can unload a salvo from its Golan Missile Launcher, laying waste to enemy armored units. Surrounded by infantry? Never fear, for the reliable Golan Heavy Machinegun is there to clear out the unwashed masses who dare to attack Haven’s might.

The Tiras is Haven's second original WarMech design from the brain of Drack Yugo and his team. After the Vega, one might consider it their first "real" WarMech, as the Vega has been mocked for being little more than a tank chassis with a WarMech torso strapped on. Until now, Haven has been focused on repurposing other units from the Republic and elsewhere, which has been good for keeping costs down, but it makes them dependent on small-time dealers for parts and ammunition.

A strange feature of this machine is its ability to flip its arms over its body to increase its line of fire in combat. This allows the Tiras to have a lower profile by tucking its arms near its body when out in the open or running and to be able to reliably fire from cover without exposing itself unnecessarily. It will take data from a broader range of battle reports to assess if this will be regarded as an important advancement or a gimmick.

Some might be surprised to learn that Haven has sold a good number of this new design to the Blood Wolves, given Queen Black's close ties with the mercenary organization. The Blood Wolves primarily use it as a scout WarMech, largely due to its advanced antenna array and communication protocols that prevent most jamming, its stable motion platform, and its ease of maintenance.

Tiras WarMech Walking Pose


Notable Pilots:
Leader of Black's Rangers second company, first pike, Captain Ixin Blake pilots the Tiras under the callsign "Hubris." Distinguishing himself during Queen Abigail Black's coup[1], he led several vital strikes on the Trader's Union that enabled Queen Black the opportunity to seize the battle.

Blood Wolves horde 1, pack 17, warrant officer Dante Frecs pilots the Tiras under the callsign "Quick Claw." He’s been known to get in and out of an urban area without ever being noticed, in no small part to the Tiras's agility.


In Game Use:
The Tiras was designed to be the dependable WarMech to any ORCA/ Haven player. It is very comparable to the stats of the Sierra and Goblin and has similar damage potential. It is fast enough to get where a player needs it to be, and it is cheap enough that it won’t suck up precious points for your forces.

Who can use the Tiras at launch?
ORCA/ Haven
Mercenaries & Blood Wolves

Tiras Stats

Other Variants:
There are currently two additional variants, the Tiras 3E, and the 2M models. More are planned, but the first major hurdle is finishing up the main rollout and replacing some of the barely functional forces protecting Tortuga and Desparity. The 3E platform focuses primarily on energy weaponry, while the 2M model is a missile platform.

Where to buy:
You can add the Tiras to your forces right now from our shop. It is available as pre-supported .stls or as physically printed models. The variants are currently in development, and we will be announcing soon when you will be able to purchase.


Walking Pose:

Braced Pose:


From the author:
Greetings, friends, and fans of Revelations. I'm helping Rick out with this blog, partially so I have a fun writing project and partially because I really believe in what he's got going on with Revelations. I'll be writing things to help expand the lore, the universe, and the hobby for this universe and I look forward to sharing my effort with you.



[1] Learn more about this in the Across the ‘Verse installment Tortuga


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