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Across the 'Verse: Bronze | Revelations: Skirmish Game Supplement - PDF Format

Revelations Miniatures

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Bronze is a strategic Corre Republic world on the border with the Union of Stars. Tactically it is crucial for its connections to other worlds, but it has had quite the checkered past. From defecting to the Union, to being won back to the Republic, and recently to civil war. The planet now finds itself swept up in a quasi-political military movement that could lead to a much larger conflict in the future. All must choose their allegiance, or get caught in the crossfire. 

Across the 'Verse is a series of small books intended to highlight planets of particular interest. Each book will include a general background of important information, this ranges from key moments in the world's history to economic and cultural details. Players will utilize this document to set up new missions for Revelations: Skirmish or to learn more about the rich history of their forces. Also included is a 4-part narrative campaign for players to
experience together.

Page Count: 21

Format: PDF