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Corre Republic - Mars Mk III Tank | Revelations: Skirmish Miniatures Game

White Light Media

Regular price $9.99

The Mars is the backbone of the Corre Republic's military might. Produced in mass, the Mars main battle tank has been seen action for over a hundred cycles. Each generation more durable than the last. A variant was created, dubbed the Mk III, that swapped the 7x ballistic cannon for a pair of C10 lasers that are great for dealing with higher armored foes.

Product Description: 
- Includes enough parts and bases to assemble 1 Mars Mk III vehicle unit for Revelations: Skirmish.
- This model comes unpainted and unassembled.
- Made from resin and manufactured in the U.S.A. through 3D printing. Handle with care and keep out of direct UV light.