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Mercenary Sierra 2B WarMech - Revelations: Skirmish Miniatures Game

White Light Media

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The elite mercenary organization known as the Blood Wolves took the most common WarMech design in the 'verse and made it even more lethal. After making some internal modifications they were able to give it a more destructive loadout than even the Corre Republic typically will do. The Sierra 2B has a cranked up damage potential, while still retaining all the best parts of the standard Sierra design. 



2 Linked 14D Cannons

2 Linked Prungsten machine guns

1 Kraken Launcher


This is the very first of a coming expansion to fully embrace not only the mercenary forces of the Revelations Universe, but also individual groups such as the Blood Wolves. When building your force list on www.revelationswar.com you can go back and forth between the Blood Wolves sub-faction and the generic mercenary forces. This allows players to really customize their lists in ways that wasn't possible before. 



- Includes enough parts and bases to assemble one 12mm WarMech unit.

- This model comes unpainted and requires assembly.

- Made from resin and manufactured in the U.S.A. through 3D printing.