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Corre Republic - Sierra Hero WarMech | Revelations: Skirmish Miniatures Game

White Light Media

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Standing proudly as the embodiment of not only the Corre Republic’s military prowess for over a century, but as the standard that all other WarMechs are measured by. The Sierra is a workhorse of a machine and continues to be updated and improved over the decades. Currently the Sierra is in its sixth generation and has undergone a number of advancements to its anatomy to give it improved articulation and flexibility so that it can continue to stomp across dozens of worlds. 

The Sierra’s standard loadout gives it a response to a variety of situations from a jumper pack to reposition, MG to deal with enemy infantry forces, buster missile pack to annihilate armored foes, and a cannon with moderate damage potential. This allows this assault mech to storm front lines or perform garrison duty. No matter the need the Sierra is ready to answer back and perform exceptionally.

Product Description: 
- The intended use of this model is to act as either a unique in-game hero or to add variety to the Sierra when playing. It can be used as a standard Sierra.
- Includes enough parts and bases to assemble 1 Sierra Hero WarMech unit for Revelations: Skirmish.
- This model comes unpainted and unassembled.
- Made from resin and manufactured in the U.S.A. through 3D printing. Handle with care and keep out of direct UV light.

How to Assemble: