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Faust Union - Banzer Tank | Revelations: Skirmish Miniatures Game

White Light Media

Regular price $9.99

The Banzer sits proudly at the top of the heap when it comes to a formidable tank chassis that can be customized in a number of ways so that the Faust enemies can be defeated. As the primary loadout, the Banzer packs a punch with its ballistic cannon and can receive a pounding before it is out of the fight. Both Krasnee Molot and Sturmhammer make use of the Banzer, albeit the Krasnee utilize older models or salvaging parts from the heavily damaged remnants.


Product Description: 
- Includes enough parts and bases to assemble 1 Banzer vehicle unit for Revelations: Skirmish.
- This model comes unpainted and unassembled.
- Made from resin and manufactured in the U.S.A. through 3D printing. Handle with care and keep out of direct UV light.

How to Assemble: