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Faust Union - Conscripts Infantry | Revelations: Skirmish Miniatures Game

White Light Media

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In times of great need a world may call up the Krasnee Molot and their conscripted forces to aid to defend the fatherland from invaders. Other times a draft is raised in order to send the conscripts to a different Faust controlled world. The conscripts are equipped with a laser rifle and modest gear. Combined with the heart and strength and love for their country, they stand against the attackers and resist every assault.


Product Description: 
- Includes enough parts and bases to assemble 2 Conscript infantry units for Revelations: Skirmish.
- This model comes unpainted and unassembled.
- Made from resin and manufactured in the U.S.A. through 3D printing. Handle with care and keep out of direct UV light.

How to Assemble: