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Across the 'Verse: Benson | Revelations: Skirmish Game Supplement - PDF Format

Revelations Miniatures

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Benson is a world rich in not only resources but in history. Since its colonization, the Foundians strived to find a place to call home. They sought a place to raise their families and live their lives to worship Eleos. However, others have laid claim to the dry world to drain it of much needed minerals. Off-worlders travel to Benson to work the mines and refineries. All the while the indigenous people struggle between unity with visitors and their own independence. The Union of Stars lays claim to Benson, but for how much longer? 

Across the 'Verse is a series of lore books intended to highlight planets of particular interest. Whether from the Corre Republic, Union of Stars, or any other nation. Each book will include a general background of important information, this ranges from key moments in the world's history to economic and cultural details. Players will utilize this document to set up new missions for Revelations: Skirmish or to learn more about the rich history of their forces. Also included is a 4 - part narrative campaign for players to experience together.

Page Count: 29

Format: PDF