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Revelations: Skirmish Automated System Rulebook - PDF Version 1.0

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Product Description: 
Wanting to play a miniatures game but don't have anyone to play with? Want to team up with a buddy instead of fighting one another all the time? We created the Automated System as an add-on to Revelations: Skirmish allowing players to play Revelations: Skirmish solo or with a friend against an NPC force. This is a fantastic way to play along with one of our campaigns such as in the Across the 'Verse series or the Castaways campaign.

You can find some of those here

How does it work?
On the Autos turn, a token is drawn at random that matches one of the units in the Automated force activating it. Then a card matching the unit’s type is drawn which will list a number of actions that the model will perform. 

Does this drastically change the rules of the standard game?
No. But there are some alterations. 

What do I need to play this system? 
You just need to build forces for the human and automated lists. This can be done by purchasing physical models directly from our shop, or you can print out your own units from our pre-supported .stls. 

You will additionally need a set of Automated System tokens and cards. We have created two options for you. 

3d Printable tokens and PDF cards
Acrylic tokens and cards