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Revelations: Skirmish Automated System Rulebook - PDF Version 1.0

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Here is the digital version of the Automated System Rulebook for Revelations: Skirmish.  This supplemental product adds a new feature to the standard rules allowing players to play solo or team-up games against an Automated force. Inside you will learn how to play and what changes are made to the standard game to allow these new mechanics to be used.

Combat is fast-paced, the gameplay is reactive, and you are in control. Get ready for combat Commander. You haven't seen anything yet. You can go to this link to purchase a Starter Kit & Automated System bundle - https://shoprevelations.com/products/2-player-starter-kit-revelations-skirmish-automated-system or here to purchase the Automated System separately - https://shoprevelations.com/products/revelations-skirmish-automated-system

*Current version 1.0*

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