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Revelations: Skirmish | Corre Republic Sentry - .stl Files (pre-supports included)

White Light Media

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THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT ONLY and is currently on v2.1

After many cycles of development, the Sentry Mk I was finally ready for the battlefield. It was sold as the pinnacle of WarMech technology. Modular for different loadouts and needs. Versatile for fighting in various climates and environments. Easy to repair and maintain. 

Once it became apparent that over and over its developers at Saza Industries were failing in all tests, the Sentry was seen not only as a failure, but a money pit. More and more funding was thrown at the Sentry program but it did not improve the situation. When the Sentry rolled out it initially received high marks in its performance during combat. However, the glaring flaws showed themselves when it came time for repairs or upkeep. The Sentry Mk I was simply a difficult machine to keep functional. Due to the rapid wear and tear on the machines it meant parts became harder to come by on the farther outreaches of the Republic. Soon the Sentry was relegated to support far behind friendly lines, and then it was removed from the front altogether. 

The Sentry Mk I models still find use on the battlefield, but the Republic Armed Forces are trying to replace all of their inventory with the improved Mk II as soon as possible. This means many are being sold or awarded to mercenaries in the Inner Worlds while others are ending up on the black market. Generally the RAF would frown on equipment simply disappearing, but in this case, it is a quiet relief.

Product Description:
Included here are the following .stl 3D models for the Corre Republic: 

Sentry - WarMech 

This model is automatically sized for Revelations: Skirmish scale. Supports ARE included. 

This product does include pre-supported files. We strongly recommend opening these files in Chitubox. Due to the nature of 3d printing, we cannot guarantee these files will print successfully on your printer due to lots of factors such as your printer, the resin, your settings, and so on. 

*All WLM .stl files are for personal use only. They may not be copied, given, sold, traded, modified, or distributed to any other individual or entity.  
**There are no refunds for this product.