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Revelations: Skirmish | ORCA Bernard MBT - .stl Files (presupports included)

White Light Media

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The Bernard was Haven's main battle tank long before the Zevur came along. It has been a dependable platform for several decades and has held up well to raiders. Additionally, it has had limited field use against Faust Union forces when Haven has arrived to reinforce one of the Ethral worlds. 

Included here are the following .stl 3D models for ORCA: 

Bernard MBT - Tank

This model is automatically sized for Revelations: Skirmish scale. Supports ARE included. 

This product does include presupported files. We strongly recommend opening these files in Chitubox. Due to the nature of 3d printing, we cannot guarantee these files will print successfully on your printer due to lots of factors such as your printer, the resin, your settings, and so on. 

*All WLM .stl files are for personal use only. They may not be copied, given, sold, traded, modified, or distributed to any other individual or entity.  
**There are no refunds for this product. 
***Render in image is colored but the files are grey.