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Revelations: Skirmish | Pirate Deimos and Phobos - .stl Files (Pre-Supported)

White Light Media

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Out of the abundance of salvage from the Corre Republic and its tactical invasions the Deimos and Phobos were born. Each tank is a odd variant of Mars main battle tank parts and weaponry out of the Faust Union. On more than one occasion an arcanum has attempted to locate the supplier that is sending Faust military grade equipment out of the hot zones but so far there has been no lead. The more antagonistic pirate lords have been stockpiling their own arsenals and might be preparing for a larger event in the near future. The intel community diligently continues to search for information while the pirates do their very best to dodge being found.

Product Description: 
Included here are the following .stl 3D models for the pirate forces: 

Deimos - Tank
Phobos - Tank

These models are automatically sized for Revelations: Skirmish scale. Supports ARE included. 

This product does include pre-supported files. We strongly recommend opening these files in Chitubox. Due to the nature of 3d printing, we cannot guarantee these files will print successfully on your printer due to lots of factors such as your printer, the resin, your settings, and so on. 

*All WLM .stl files are for personal use only. They may not be copied, given, sold, traded, modified, or distributed to any other individual or entity.  
**There are no refunds for this product.