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Revelations: Skirmish Core Rulebook - PDF Version v1.4.3

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Here you can download the latest digital version of the Core Rulebook for Revelations: Skirmish miniatures game. Inside you will find everything you need to learn about how to play one of the only 3D printed wargames on the planet! You can purchase already printed miniatures from us directly, or you can purchase .stls (for personal use) and build your forces. 

Combat is fast-paced, gameplay is reactive, and you are in control. Get ready for battle, Commander.

V1.4.3 rules brings some new updates such as WarMechs being able to lift and throw vehicles, as well as dropping and picking up handheld weapons. Additionally, pirate fortune points are detailed. 

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What scale is Revelations: Skirmish? 


*Current version v1.4.3*

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