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A new starter kit to get you...well...started...

Posted by Rick Graham on

Now’s your chance to get into the destructive miniatures game, Revelations: Skirmish, with the newest playable faction, or add to your collection in an exciting way.

Today we are happy to highlight the newest starter kit specifically for the Faust Union.

Within this starter kit you will find the following: 

  • 1 Anya WarMech
  • 1 Banzer tank
  • 2 Conscripts infantry
  • 1 Repair Drone
  • 1 AMS Drone

This gives you enough models to play the Scout format for Revelations: Skirmish, or it counts for about ⅓ of your force that you would want in Standard or Heavy Metal gameplay. 

Anya WarMech

Anya WarMech

Anya Lore: 
The previous Khan, Bohdan Wolf, wanted his forces to have a renewed fervor in the wake of numerous battles in the Faust Union that had taken a heavy toll on the defenders. He tasked the Sturmhammers with developing a new assault WarMech that could rival the Sierra in every way. Out of the cycles of trial and error W37 was ready. When the rotation came, it was time to present their hard work to the Khan. Upon witnessing the military tests firsthand of the W37 Wolf was so impressed that he renamed the WarMech after his daughter Anya. 

Republic commanders quickly recognized the similarities of the Anya to the Sierra and learned to respect its potential on the battlefield. One area that the Anya has pulled ahead in the never-ending arms race of WarMech development and refinement is that the Faust machine is rather flexible. Yes, it has potential for being more fragile, but in the hands of a competent operator, the Anya is difficult to hit considering its size. 

Banzer tank


Banzer Lore: 
The Banzer sits proudly at the top of the heap when it comes to a formidable tank chassis that can be customized in a number of ways so that the Faust enemies can be defeated. As the primary loadout, the Banzer packs a punch with its ballistic cannon and can receive a pounding before it is out of the fight. Both Krasnee Molot and Sturmhammer make use of the Banzer, albeit the Krasnee utilize older models or salvaging parts from the heavily damaged remnants. 

Conscripts Infantry

Conscripts Lore:
In times of great need a world may call up the Krasnee Molot and their conscripted forces to aid to defend the fatherland from invaders. Other times a draft is raised in order to send the conscripts to a different Faust controlled world. The conscripts are equipped with a laser rifle and modest gear. Combined with the heart and strength and love for their country, they stand against the attackers and resist every assault.


Now, you may be wondering, “Why should I buy this kit instead of purchasing each model individually?”

We know table-top gaming can get expensive, so we have purposefully incorporated a discount when purchasing this starter kit instead of buying them separately. 

As a small gaming company we are still trying to find what works best for our community. So with this starter kit we have elected not to include the token and order card set so that players who already play Revelations: Skirmish won’t feel as though the only way to get this kit is to buy items they don’t want. But, for those who have never played before and this is your introduction to Revelations: Skirmish, you can purchase your own token and order cards set here:


And if you would like to check out other Faust Union models you can do so here:


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